The Arts, the Senses, and the Imagination
by Robert Millar on November 3rd, 2014

Gustavo Dudamel has been the resident or guest conductor of a number of the world's symphony orchestras in recent years, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic (now in his seventh season as Resident Conductor). Chief among his favorite conducting venues, however, remains Venezuela’s Simon Bolivár Symphony Orchestra, originally an orchestra made up of underprivileged youth who were trained in the revolutionary music education system, El Sistema, initiated by musician and activist José Antonio Abreu. The story of El Sistema is an inspirational one.
But just as inspiring are the fruits of El Sistema’s efforts, seen here in some of the first worldwide concerts given by the Simon Bolivár Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dudamel, himself a product of the system. All of this is old news by now, but it continues to be good news which can be enjoyed again and again, thanks to the ubiquitous presence of You Tube. So even if you long ago heard about the El Sistema musical phenomenon, come back with me now to the not-too-distant days of yesteryear to relive a time when Dudamel and the Simon Bolivár Symphony Orchestra were fresh on the horizon of classical music and were creating a worldwide sensation. Allow yourself to get swept up along with the attending audience in the delight and enthusiasm of their ebullient music making. You’ll feel better for doing so!

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