The Arts, the Senses, and the Imagination
Robert Millar is an Emeritus Professor of Music and Humanities at Skyline College in San Bruno, California. After completing his academic studies at California State University San Francisco, where he received his undergraduate and graduate degrees with honors in piano and conducting, he went on to pursue post-graduate studies in performance in England. An accomplished pianist and conductor, he is also a proficient harpsichordist and percussionist. Professor Millar has performed in concerts in the U.S., Great Britain and France, both as a soloist and with numerous performing organizations. His background as a performer and interpreter of music has given him a deep understanding of the creative process and the intricacies of artistic expression in general.  By consistently bringing this perspective into the classroom and gradually refining his teaching techniques to best address the needs of diverse groups of students, he has developed a uniquely effective strategy for instilling in people an experiential appreciation for the creative arts. It has been a hallmark of his teaching to engage people with the Arts by guiding them into stirring, personal relationships with individual works.

A strong advocate of educational reform, Mr. Millar is responsible for developing a number of new Arts and Humanities courses at Skyline College. He has taught in both the U.S. and in Great Britain (under the auspices of the U.S. Government Exchange Teachers Program). Mr. Millar has been a writer and book reviewer for national magazines and lives in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.