The Arts, the Senses, and the Imagination
Man and Woman Contemplating the Moon
Caspar David Friedrich - 1774-1840

Have you ever attended a classical music concert and been unsure as to what you should be listening for? Have you found yourself uncertain as to how to properly appreciate a piece of visual art, been perplexed by poetry or been bored by ballet? If so, you're by no means alone. If you would like to learn just enough to change this situation so that your experience of the arts develops from that of a casual observer to one of greater depth and meaning, you've come to the right place. This website is aimed primarily at beginners, but it is also for anyone who is curious about the Western Classical Arts. I will be offering commentary on the world of the arts as well as practical instructions and resources you can use to enhance your own artistic experiences and explorations.

The website is divided into three main sections:

SMALL REVELATIONS - a series of short, free lessons to help you deepen your appreciation of the arts

THE BLOG - an ongoing series of short commentaries on aspects of the arts

RESOURCES - for further exploring your interests in the arts

The man and woman in the painting above have paused for a moment in their walk to take in the almost magical spell created by the moon’s appearance and its transfiguring effect on the surrounding countryside. In the enchanted silence, they stand on the threshold of an unknown landscape.  Just over that rise the terrain stretches out before them, beckoning them to begin an exploration that holds the possibility of enriching, new experiences of both an external and an internal nature. We are in much the same position as we enter the imaginary landscape of artistic expression. We, too, will have the opportunity to discover significant aspects of the human experience, but for us it will be through the arts. As we wend our way through the artistic genres of photography, painting, and sculpture, music, poetry, drama, and ballet, we will be examining what goes into creating works of art and trying to discover the most effective strategies for understanding and enjoying them. We will also be delving into the ways we think about the arts and the place they hold in our lives and in our society.

In addition to posting my own thoughts and observations, I am leaving the door open for your comments, questions, and suggestions. My hope is that together we can create a forum for discussion, education, and the sharing of experiences about the arts that will prove to be enlightening and perhaps even inspirational to all who visit this website.

And although the website is mostly for those who are relatively new to the arts, I also welcome contributions from those of you who are arts practitioners  --- artists, musicians, actors, authors, ballet dancers, and others. Your informed comments can add significant dimension to our enterprise.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you find something of value in wherever this odyssey  takes us. Cheers!